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House Guidelines

must be followed by all house guests at all times

1 TREAT EVERYONE WITH RESPECT (including yourself).  Live in peace and with His grace. 2 Maintain complete sobriety from drugs and alcohol (ZERO tolerance policy). Observed UA sample will be immediately provided by house guest if requested by management. 3 Maintain compliance with Probation and Parole terms and conditions (if applicable). 4 Curfew is 9:00pm – 6:00am Sun-Th and 10:00pm-6:00am Fri – Sat (work conflicts will be considered). 5 Must be actively seeking or maintaining full time employment. 6 Must attend weekly (in house) Bible Studies and attend Church services weekly. 7 No guests in the house. 8 NO women in the house. 9 Must help maintain the safety and sobriety of the house and MUST notify of any drug or alcohol use at the residence. (You are encouraged to help those in need and notify the house manager or appropriate persons of any other drug or alcohol use by fellow house guests). 10 Must complete chores timely and are responsible for maintaining clean personal and common spaces. 11 No smoking or vaping in the house. 12 No pets allowed on the premises. 13 One (1) Registered vehicle per licensed house guest. Vehicle maintenance is limited and restricted to the provided space and must be completed timely.  Any more comprehensive work will be done only with request/approval from management. 14 Except for house guidelines or standards violations, you will be given 30 days’ notice to vacate the residence. If vacating involuntarily (to include arrest) or in the case of abandonment, personal property left at the residence will be stowed for 30 days than donated/discarded.  Absence from the premises without notice and consent for more than 72 hours shall be considered abandonment and guest status terminated. 15 House contributions to be paid in full and in advance (proration available with prior approval). 16 **Violation of any of the listed standards may result in immediate removal from residence without refund.**

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