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To provide Christ centered environment that promotes healthy and sober living. To empower the men in our house to become Christ seeking, healthy and self-sufficient.


We envision a community that is drug free and full of Godly men. That they be strong examples to their peers of change and redemption and how to lead healthy productive lives. 


  • Respect & Dignity 
  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Effort & Hard Work
  • Growth & Self Improvement


My name is Cameron Luna, originally from South Florida and transplanted to North Idaho following God's direction for my life. In the midst of my adventures in the Inland Northwest I saw an increasing need for affordable safe and sober housing in North Idaho for those who find themselves in a difficult season of their lives.
My life has been no stranger to loss and struggle, albeit not as result of substance abuse or legal issues but struggles nonetheless. I believe that perseverance through hardship fosters resilience, confidence and self esteem. Only by the grace of God have I fought through the challenges of my life and become stronger because of them.
I have seen first hand the power God can have in the lives of people willing to submit to His purpose and authority. These people can not only see drastic change in themselves but they can effect drastic change in others.
I have been blessed with an opportunity in New Horizons. It is my hope and prayer that I be able to share that opportunity with those in need. I pray that those who enter through the doors of New Horizons find peace, health and strength in Christ; that they may grow in their relationship with him; and that they leave as ambassadors sharing His grace with the community ---and wherever life's new horizons may take them.  
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